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 See links to Racing resources at bottom of this page.

Contact Racing Director for any questions.

SCOW Directors Cup Regatta. 7 Oct 2018. Results: 2018 Directors Cup.htm


Upcoming Racing Events and Skipper Registration

Azalea Cup/Opening Day Regatta: 4 May Skipper Registration

Saint Brendan Regatta: 18 May    Skipper Registration

PRSA Spring Regatta: 25-26 May Skipper Registration

SCOW Magellan Race: 8 Jun         Skipper Registration

Leukemia Cup Regatta*: 7 Sep     Skipper Registration  

DC Sail Cantina Cup Regatta*: 21 Sep       

PRSA Presidents Cup Regatta*: 21-22 Sep

SCOW Blue and Gold Cup: TBD 

Directors Cup Regatta: 7 Oct         Skipper Registration

Team Racing Skippers:  Team Racing Skipper Sign Up Here


 * Skippers register with SCOW for boat assignments and also register and pay with regatta organizer.

Magellan Race - Crew Registration Below

Magellan Race NOR/SI and course information below.

SCOW Magellan Race Information

Crew looking for a boat - not already committed to sail with a particular skipper: 

Crew for Magellan Race Register Here

SCOW Magellan Race NOR and SI 

SCOW Magellan Race Course

SCOW Team Racing

Introduction to Team Racing Video (US Sailing) 

SCOW Team Racing consists of 2 boats vs 2 boats sailed on Flying Scots. In any race, the team that does not have a boat finish last, wins the race.  

Team Racing Skipper Sign Up 

Team Racing Rules Considerations (See Racing Rules of Sailing - Appendix D)

  • Zone is shortened to two boat lengths
  • Rule 18.4 is deleted

Interesting Team Racing Video with Commentary here

FSSA Celebrates Sandy Douglass and the 60th Anniversary of the Flying Scot

Race Results

Looking for a Fun Lifetime Sport? Race With SCOW.

Sailing is truly a lifetime activity. Once you learn how to sail, you have a lifetime skill that you can enjoy and share with friends and family.  You never stop learning.  Sailboat racing is a sport in which people of all ages can compete and excel in the same game under the same rules.  It is one of the few sports in which men and women, young and old, can compete against each other directly, on an equal footing.  If you are looking for a sport you can play for the rest of your life, that's also highly social and team oriented, then come join us on the water. Contact the SCOW Racing Director at to get started.

You must be a SCOW member to race as skipper or crew on a club owned boat.

We encourage sailors of all skill levels to participate in racing events to learn and have fun. Many SCOW members learn to race with us, which opens up all kinds of racing opportunities for them in our region or around the country.  Safety, fun competition, and good sportsmanship are the hallmarks of the SCOW racing program.

No racing experience is needed to crew on a boat during our Wednesday night informal races or to assist on the Race Committee for our Series races and regattas.  Many of our members actually learn to sail by crewing on Wednesday nights.  Please contact the Racing Director regarding opportunities to race or to serve the club by supporting the racing program.

As an all-volunteer sailing club, everything we do relies on club volunteers, including conducting our racing seminars as well as running our own races and clinics.


Contact the Racing Director

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