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Sailing Club of Washington


The Sailing Club of Washington maintains a fleet of nine sail boats (six Flying Scots, and three cruisers--one Catalina 25, and two Catalina 250s at the Washington Sailing Marina on Dangerfield Island.

Flying Scots

Flying Scots are 19 foot day-sailers that hold up to six people. The Flying Scot is an excellent sail boat for learning to sail and are used in training club members to become skippers. The Scots are also used during social sails, for racing and are available for individual use by club members who have achieved the skipper certification and to all members and their guests when they volunteer as crew for a SCOW-certified skipper. The Flying Scot fleet is stored on trailers at the Washington Sailing Marina. Cranes maintained by the marina are used to lift the Scots from their trailers and launch them for sailing. The trailers are easily maneuvered by hand to the launch area. When not in use each boat's cockpit area is covered to protect it from the weather. Below are the boat details and locations of each Scot:

Ms Elli   Sail # 2619

stored adjacent to the launch area

Jersey Girl   Sail # 5112 

stored adjacent to the launch area

Andiamo   Sail # 5507

stored in row C slot 16

Caroline   Sail # 5016

stored adjacent to the launch area

Sunset Song   Sail # 5323 

stored in row C slot 18

Elisse   Sail # 5773

stored in row C slot 17


The club maintains three 25 foot cruisers at the marina: One Catalina-25 and two Catalina-250s. Each cruiser holds up to six people. As with the Scots, cruiser skippers have been certified by SCOW. The cruisers are used for special events and racing and are available for everyday sailing by skippers and member volunteer crew and guests. Maintaining the cruiser fleet is a shared responsibility by all who sail the boats. Complying with pre- and post-sail procedures ensures that the cruiser fleet is always ready and available for member's use.   Below are details for each boat :

Rebecca   Sail # 1846

Moored on G Dock

Lions Paw II   Sail # 704

Moored on G Dock

Hiatus   Sail # 690

Moored on G Dock

Fleet Maintenance

The SCOW fleet is maintained by member volunteers who commit their time and expertise to keeping the club's boats in good operating condition. Members learn from other members about all facets of maintaining sail boats.  A volunteer maintenance team for each boat in the fleet is headed up by a bosun who oversees and coordinates maintenance for that boat.  Club members are encouraged to volunteer for one of the maintenance teams by contacting the Maintenance Directors [MD].   A comprehensive list of SCOW maintenance volunteers is maintained in the member area of this website.  Click on the Fleet Maintenance Info link below for more details.


Questions about maintenance?
For more information, contact the FS Maintenance Director at or
Cruiser Maintenance Director at


Sailing Club of Washington  [SCOW]
PO Box 25884  •  Alexandria  •  VA  •  22313

We keep our boats at Washington Sailing Marina on Daingerfield Island
1 Marina Drive  •  Alexandria  •  VA  •  22314

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