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Very popular with club members is the opportunity to become a qualified skipper and use the club boats for sailing on the Potomac, from the Washington Sailing Marina. SCOW does have some requirements for this privilege in addition to membership.

To sail SCOW boats, members need to qualify as a skipper. This process includes both a written and water exam. (Available under the Members Section Tab towards the bottom left on this page.)  For more information download the guidelines to Becoming a SCOW Skipper to help you get started.  After you have complied with all the Skipper requirements, you will be asked to complete and submit the Skipper Agreement* (Available under the Members Section Tab below left on this page, then Skipper Info, then Basic and Cruiser Test), along with payment as instructed on the form, and proof of attendance in a NASBLA certified boating safety course.

The following documents will also provide a view on SCOW policies and rules and are available for downloading from the Bylaws and Policies page:

  • SCOW Skipper Requirements and Boat Use Policy- Establishes general policies for use of boats, qualification and testing of skippers qualifications and related rules. 
  • Flying Scot Skipper Information File - Establishes the rules for use of the Flying Scots. 
  • Cruiser Boat Skipper Information File - Establishes rules for use of the club's cruising boats. 

The above three documents are located in the Bylaws & Policies section.

The written exams and the Skipper Agreement are available under the Member Section, Skipper Info, Basic and Cruiser Test. 

* To access the Members Section you must be a registered member on this website.

For more information, contact the Skipper Director at skipper@scow.org.


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