Sailing Club of Washington
SCOW is a 501(c)(7) organization that was originally chartered on July 12, 1966 "to provide the membership thereof with the opportunity and instrumentalities to become expert in the art of sailing for their individual and mutual education, benefit and enjoyment." Over 50 years later, SCOW continues to adhere to its purpose, providing its 400+ members with an environment for fellowship and a never-ending education in the art of sailing. We offer classes, individual use of our boats, club sponsored activities and a place for our members to come together and enjoy the sport and recreation of sailing. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in sailing and is willing to help out. Our club is staffed entirely with volunteers who manage the training, skipper certification, boat maintenance, and other activities that keep the club running. We rely on all members to contribute in some way to the club, from helping to keep the boats clean and in good repair to assisting with social events. Our fleet of keelboat "cruisers" and centerboard Flying Scots is maintained primarily by our members, our courses are taught by member volunteers, and all our business affairs are managed by the following volunteer Board of Directors.


Richard Kaiser
Richard started sailing a Sunfish on Long Island Sound when he was 12 and now is the proud owner of Jeanette, his 2014 Flying Scot, named after his mom. He’s sailed more these past five sailing seasons, as a SCOW member, than all of his prior sailing experience combined. Richard is currently a Scot Skipper and hopes to be a cruiser skipper sometime in the future. Richard has chartered numerous times on the bay and has transited the east coast from/to Ft Lauderdale and Norwalk several times on his brother’s Grand Banks 54. In his tenure as a Social Director (2016), Vice Commodore (2017 & 2018) and Commodore (2019) he has been an active member and helped with social, membership, and training activities and also introduced some fun new traditions, like The Burning of the Socks and the Crockpot Regatta for and with Club members. He’s also been instrumental in bringing SCOW to a new level of automation with electronic Membership applications and agreements, Skipper forms, streamlining the training registration process and creating all new online digital cruiser and basic skipper tests with the amazing support and extensive contributions of the TSCC. He’s proud of his past commitment to Special Olympics and recommends Special Olympics to all members as an easy and fun way to give back to the community (and enjoy a little more sailing). Richard is also a Leukemia Cup racer and a supporter of all racing activities to help bond the Club and improve all members’ sailing skills.

Richard is looking forward to another great year with SCOW and looks forward to seeing all of you on the water.

Brian McPherson
Brian was away from sailing for a few years coaching his son’s baseball teams & following his children’s activities. His son stopped playing baseball a few years ago and noticed Brian was around the house a lot. One Saturday he told Brian – “Dad you need a hobby”! So Brian decided to get back to his love of sailing.  Brian found the Sailing Club of Washington and was intrigued by an active all-volunteer organization with a fleet of Flying Scots & larger cruising boats. As a member for the past 5 ½ years Brian has increased his involvement each year – became a certified FS Skipper, an active FS racer, Race Committee volunteer, helped out during the Thursday Social Sails, volunteered for Maintenance Days, attended Hail & Farewells and more recently Caroline’s Bosun the past 3 years.  Brian resides in Alexandria with his wife Missy and children Rob & Heather – all SCOW Members.  When not sailing Brian is a CFP & Senior Vice President with Raymond James & Associates for the past 26 years. 

Jock Whittlesey
Jock is from Baltimore but following stints in California and Hong Kong, migrated to Washington in 1983. He worked for 26 years as a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department, with three overseas tours in China, plus assignments in Greece, Jamaica, Jordan, and the UK. He retired in 2018 but has continued with part-time work at the State Department. Jock is married to fellow SCOW member Monique Wong. They joined SCOW in 2018. Their son Philip was with the Sea Scouts sailing out of Washington Sailing Marina, and now sails for the Coast Guard Academy’s dinghy sailing team.

Mike Hooban
Mike began sailing with business associates in London, on the Thames River, in a type of dinghy called an Enterprise, in the mid 2000’s. He also had the opportunity to sail in the Solent (the channel between mainland England and the Isle of Wight) on a large keel-boat. He ultimately decided to take sailing lessons at Belle Haven Marina, and subsequently joined SCOW in 2011. After buying his own boat, an American 14.6, and sailing it from Washington Sailing Marina for a few years, Mike purchased a Flying Scot, the “Green Hornet” in 2014, and began racing it with SCOW at the urging of Julian Mallett, Dick Vida and Dave Beckett. Mike served as SCOW treasurer in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Mike is retired from 30+ years of business ownership, previously worked for 7 and a half years for Arthur Young & Company (now Ernst & Young) and is an Army veteran of the Vietnam conflict as well as service in Korea. He has an MBA degree, and has served as treasurer and general manager of other entities, including his son’s 1st division soccer team in the NCSL (National Capitol Soccer League), and Team River Runner, a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping injured veterans recover through paddlesports such as kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding. In addition to sailing, both competitive and recreational, Mike enjoys kayaking, cycling, and building model boats. Mike has enjoyed enormously his association with SCOW and the many good people in the club. Mike is married to Ok Sop (since 1971), lives in Arlington, and has four grown children. Mike is an instructor in SCOW’s sailing training program, and has supported the Special Olympics and the Leukemia Cup.


Marie Brennan
Marie was first introduced to sailing on Martha’s Vineyard as a child and then had the opportunity to work on a 72’ schooner in Newport, RI while in college. She joined SCOW in 2013 and became a Scot Skipper in 2014 and is currently working on becoming a cruiser skipper. When she’s not playing on the water, she works to connect homeless Veterans to housing and mental health services.

Trueman Sharp
Trueman grew up sailing on Lake Pontchartrain in his hometown of New Orleans, LA, as crew on his father’s Dragon class racing boat, “Reluctant,” and 36 foot cruising sloop, “Hornpipe.” He participated in a number of Southern Yacht Club sailing camps in the summers. Unfortunately, sailing opportunities were few and far between after he went away to college, medical school, and (somewhat ironically) a thirty year itinerant career in the Navy and serving with the Marine Corps, including four years at sea. Two notable exceptions to this long sailing drought were a three week very challenging Outward Bound sailing course based out of Hurricane Island, Maine after college and two years as a live aboard on a 36 foot Islander, the “Bello Mar,” in San Diego as a young officer. However, after finally retiring from the Navy and a quick five year stint at the Food and Drug Administration here is Silver Spring, MD, he has been able to get back into sailing through a series of American Sailing Association courses. These courses ultimately lead to the certifications necessary to bareboat charter and Trueman has chartered cruising sailboats in the Pacific Northwest and in the Chesapeake Bay. Trueman learned about SCOW at the Annapolis Boat Show this past spring, quickly joined up, and has been a regular ever since at Wednesday Night Racing, mainly as crew on Mike Hooban’s “Green Hornet.” He recently passed the written and on the water tests and is now certified as a Flying Scot skipper. His sailing goals are to continue racing Flying Scots, achieve skipper certification for SCOW’s cruiser fleet, and continue bareboat chartering whenever possible. Trueman is married to Dr. Kim Kenney and has three young adult sons. In addition to sailing, Trueman is very much enjoying retirement and is an avid cycler and hiker.

Carlie Smith
Carlie joined SCOW in 2016 having barely ever been on a boat before and made it her mission to become a SCOW Skipper and join the Board. In just three short years, she has developed her sailing skills through the Club to become both a Flying Scot and Cruiser Skipper. She enjoys cruising on the Potomac with her SCOW friends for raft-ups or destination sails. Carlie has experience on chartered boats for weekend Chesapeake Bay sails out of Annapolis, and this past January, she crewed on a 45-foot catamaran as part of a DC Sailing Community flotilla in the Abacos, Bahamas. She is looking forward to her next DC Sailing Community trip to the Leeward Islands of St. Martin in February 2019. She hopes to continue to grow as a sailor to someday skipper international charters herself. Carlie loves a good Dark & Stormy on the rocks.

Dana Howe
Dana first started sailing Flying Scots in 1980 while stationed at the Navy base in Pensacola. From there he began crewing and racing on a larger boat out of the Navy Yacht Club. His next duty station had him ‘sailing’ around the Indian Ocean on the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CV-41) for three years. Later, while stationed in San Diego he bought his first sailboat, a 25’ Cal. The previous owners hadn’t sailed the boat in several years and it needed much work to restore it to sailing condition. Within a year he had restored the boat and began sailing around San Diego Bay.

Wayne Williams, Jr.
With friends in a 30-foot wooden gaff-rigged sloop launched upon the Long Island Sound, Wayne K. Williams, Jr. experienced sailing for the first time many years ago. He recounted, “There are few experiences in life that measure up to all we have imagined them to be. That was one of them.” Subsequently, Wayne became US Sailing Certified in basic keel boating from Premier Sailing School where he learned on a Cal 9.1 racing cruiser. After which he sailed flying scots, O’Days, and lasers. Wayne joined SCOW several years ago and with each year, his presence, volunteerism, and sailing skills have grown. Often, he can be found sailing flying scots, although since realizing his goal of becoming a cruiser-certified skipper in November of 2018, Wayne can just as frequently be found skippering cruisers, especially with new sailors, on club sails and raft ups. To date, he has enjoyed skippering and/or crewing 25 and 34 foot Catalinas, a 27 foot seafarer, a J22, and a 40 foot Fountaine Pajot Lucia catamaran. As Wayne believes racing sharpens his sailing skills, he continues to race flying scots and now cruisers as well. This year’s highlights include completing SCOW’s Cruiser Racing Mentoring Program earlier this spring where he joined the Tuesday night cruisers to become adept at racing cruisers, scoring a third place finish while crewing on a Benetau 36 S7 in this spring’s Race to Oxford on the Chesapeake Bay, racing cruisers on the West River, and most of all racing flying scots with his son and first mate, Tripp. As much as he loves sailing, Wayne loves to help others in the club. He has served on River and Bay Clean-up Days, assisted on flying scot and cruiser maintenance days, and skippering or otherwise volunteered at club events. Wayne is a flying scot tutor, serves as the bosun for Lion’s Paw, and was honored to be nominated and elected to the SCOW Board of Directors where he currently serves as the Secretary. Wayne was an educator for 18 years primarily at St. Albans School (’83) for boys where he was a teacher, coach, admissions officer, dormitory master, and governing board member. Now as a real estate broker and property manager, he has worked with such companies as Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., Weichert Realtors, and Haverford Homes. He now serves others as an associate broker with Bennett Realty Solutions, a full service brokerage which also specializes in real estate investment. Wayne is also the principal broker and owner of Wayne Williams Real Estate Co, LLC, a full service broker through which he provides property management services. Wayne double majored at Bucknell University where he earned his B.A. in English and Political Science and attended Dartmouth College for graduate school.

Dave Beckett
Dave’s love of sailing started at age 14 when he taught himself how to sail on an old Sailfish on a lake in upstate New York. His love of boats and the water inspired him to serve twenty years on active duty as a US Navy diver. Although the demands of the Navy often left little time for sailing, he occasionally had the opportunity to sail on boats of various sizes ranging from daysailers up to a 44 foot catamaran in some nice sailing locations like San Diego, Hawaii, and Guam. While most of his sailing time has been spent on the water with his family, during his last tour of duty in Hawaii he regularly crewed on a J-24 that raced on Kaneohe Bay. Dave joined SCOW in the summer of 2013. He served as the 2014 Training Director and 2015 Vice Commodore, and Racing Director in 2017, 2018 and 2019. He has actively supported Social Sail, Maintenance, Training, and Racing activities.

Antonia Cole
My love of sailboats sprouted in childhood from spending weekends in Solomon’s Island with my friends. My friend’s Dad, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, knew very well how to handle an entire fleet of mariners, but when left to hold sway over a handful of little girls, he went soft. As a good Navy man would, the Lieutenant put a plan in place. On our way to the boat, we’d stop at the Chandlery every time. Strategically, he’d spend the early afternoon catching up and having a beer or two with his friends, while the girls looked up and down, aisle after aisle, for that obscure shackle that probably didn’t exist anymore. The reward… ice cream cones as we made our way to the Catalina 30 that we’d spend the next two days on, sailing up and down the Chesapeake. When the wind, waves and ocean spray weren’t enough, the Lieutenant would proceed to make a halyard swing with the bosun's chair for us. We'd be underway - sailing upwind - and when we got a good enough heel, we'd launch ourselves off the side of the boat and skip across the water, tip toeing along the waves and laughing hysterically as we charged forth alongside the hull. It got especially fun when a good gust of wind would come through giving the boat that few extra degrees of heel, dunking us thoroughly into the cold, fresh water, or when we'd get too close to the boat and have to kick off to get back out over the water. Shrieks and gasps and wide eyes would ensue. It was good, clean - possibly dangerous - fun. Now fast forward 30 years, and a second opportunity to be wowed and awed by the ocean and a boat came along. A friend was taking off to live a dream I had never considered. He was buying a boat and going to sail it around the world. He asked if I wanted to tag along for a while and oddly enough without too much forethought, I found myself dropping off all my belongings in a storage unit and heading out to sea on a 39ft. Bavaria. I spent nearly a year living aboard and sailing up and down the east coast and then partially crossing the Atlantic and every island in between, before ending my excursion in Tortola, BVI. That child within was resuscitated and I felt the familiar excitement and wonderment of being in an element that was far bigger than me, scary, and full of incredulity, all at the same time. I hope I am never too far from a boat or the water ever again.

Chip Lubsen
When Chip was 12, he did not get that power boat that he had his heart set on. Two years later, Chip starting with the sport of rowing and spent an enormous part of the next 15 years in those long skinny racing boats we see at WSM and on the river. Until 2016 Chip sailed a total of 4 times, more than 30 years ago, armed with only having read about how to sail. Chip and his wife Laurie took Basic Sailing with SCOW in 2016 and began racing that fall. Chip qualified as a Scot skipper that year and as a cruiser skipper the following spring. A year ago, Laurie and Chip purchased Flying Scot 5866 and named it Luna. The mystery of how to get Luna to go real fast persists and Chip thoroughly enjoys trying to solve that puzzle!  Chip had an 18-year career as an IT professional with SallieMae, before leaving to help form a small investment partnership in 1998. The partnership invested and managed in the travel industry before forming a fund focused on clean technology start-ups. Chip changed course from IT to Finance when the fund started in 2007. He and his partners also purchased a vegetable and garden seed packaging company in 2007 (long story) and continue to own the company and support the management team. Work at this juncture is far less than full time, affording Chip the time needed for sailing and contributing more substantially to SCOW.   Chip and Laurie are passionate about healthy eating and exercise. Chip plays guitar and thoroughly enjoys backing up the beautiful voices of his 3 daughters – his own singing voice in unremarkable! He served on the Board of the Washington Bach Consort for 7 years back around the turn of the century and as its President for the final two. 


Dick Kerr
Assistant Racing Director
Racing Program Weather Advisor

Tim Bliss
Assistant Racing Director

BOARD APPOINTEd committees

Training and Skipper Certification

Chair - John Rogers

TSCC Members
Jay Weitzel, Barbara Ullman, Joe Depoorter, Becky Cole, Dave Beckett, Dan Sandhaus and Mike Hooban

Ex Officio Members
Skipper Director Chip Lubsen, Training Director Trueman Sharp  and Vice Commodore Brian McPherson

Boat Assets

Chair - John Kauffman

BAC Members
Jay Weitzel, David Wilburn and Joe Leoncio

Ex Officio Members
Cruiser Maintenance Director  Wayne Williams, Flying Scot Maintenance Director Dana Howe  and Vice Commodore Brian McPherson


Chair - Luis Rivas

Audit Committee Members
Martha Gibson and Randy Moore

Ex Officio Member
Vice Commodore Brian McPherson


Chair - Bill Gillespie

Nominations Committee Members
Richard Kaiser, Mike Hooban, Lynn Durban and Tim Bliss

Ex Officio Member
Vice Commodore Brian McPherson


Jan Rivas
Channels Editor

Luis Rivas
Web Editor

Jeff Teitel
Email Administrator

George Clark
SmugMug Pictures

Marie Brennan
Facebook Coordinator

Genevieve Lindsay
Meetup Coordinator


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