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The Board of Directors has confirmed that the following are the policies and procedures of the club as defined by Article V, Section 1 of the bylaws and rescinded any other policies or procedures that may have been enacted by prior boards:

As of September 1, 2016, SCOW requires a person be at least five years of age to board or sail upon our Flying Scots.  

Amended and Restated Bylaws of the Sailing Club of Washington - Establishes the internal rules and procedures for how SCOW will operate and be governed.  Last updated on November 3, 2015.

SCOW Skipper Requirements and Boat Use Policy - Establishes general policies for use of boats, qualification and testing of skippers qualifications and related rules. Current policy is dated October 7,  2019.

Sailing Club of Washington Flying Scot Skipper Information File - establishes the rules for use of the Flying Scots. Current Flying Scot SIF is dated February 10, 2019.

Sailing Club of Washington Cruiser Boat Skipper Information File- Establishes rules for use of the club's cruising boats. Current cruising boat SIF is dated February 4, 2019.

SCOW Training Policy - Establishes general policies and goals of training program, including selection of trainers. Current version dated September 5, 2017.

SCOW Racing Policy - Establishes rules for racing the cruising boats and Flying Scots.

SCOW Incident Reporting - Establishes the procedures for reporting incidents.  Current version is dated February 4, 2019.

Boat Asset Committee Report - Establishes program for boat maintenance and replacement and planned expenditure of the Boat Asset fund. The most recent report was in 2015.

SCOW Dues and Fees Policy - Sets the current dues and skipper fees. Last revised by the Board in October 2016.

SCOW Email List Policy - As distributed quarterly by the SCOW postmaster to the "allscow" list.

SCOW Relationships with Washington Sailing Marina (WSM) and the U.S. National Park Services (NPS) - Adopted by the Board in October 2004.

SCOW Non Discrimination Policy -  Adopted by the Board in April 2011.

SCOW Non Discrimination Procedures - Approved by the Board in February 2016.

Terms and conditions of membership.  See attached.

Sailing Club of Washington Cruiser Boat Log Sheet

Sailing Club of Washington Flying Scot Log Sheet

Washington Sailing Marina Rules and Regulations - Rules that SCOW needs to follow.

Sailing Club of Washington's Position Descriptions - Describes responsibilities for SCOW Officers and Directors

Anacostia Channel Familiarization Sheet - Extends the cruiser sailing boundaries to include passage underneath the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and to extend the Anacostia Channel sailing boundary up to the Martin Luther King Jr Ave. SE bridge.

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