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All Officers & Directors:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings and general membership meetings;
  • Submit monthly articles for ChaNNels and promote activities through emails;
  • Attend SCOW functions in their area of responsibility and attend as many other club events as possible during the year, and;
  • Ensure that their duties are carried out within the budget for their area set by the Board at the beginning of the year.

  • Oversees all club activities, ensures that the Board does its work and that program events are planned, organized and carried off effectively. Monitors the club’s calendar and reminds Board members when events need to be organized;
  • Oversees all other business and affairs of the club;
  • Provides “back-up” for Board members and personally assumes or reassigns duties for Board members temporarily absent or unable to perform for job or other reasons;
  • Responds to member complaints and assists Board members who receive complaints;
  • Presides at Board & Membership meetings;
  • Writes a monthly cover article for ChaNNels and ensures that any other necessary announcements are included in ChaNNels, and;
  • Represents the club to potential new members and to other parties.

  • Assumes Commodore responsibilities in Commodore's temporary absence;
  • Ex officio member of all committees;
  • Gets monthly speakers for membership meetings, and;
  • Puts speaker announcement in ChaNNels.

  • Assumes role of Commodore if Vice-Commodore is temporarily absent;
  • Takes minutes at Board meetings;
  • Records all motions and votes at meetings and other venues, such as on-line;
  • Ensures that Parliamentary Procedure is followed;
  • Prepares draft of meeting minutes for Board review, and;
  • Finalizes and maintains minutes for history.

  • Assumes role of Commodore if Vice-Commodore and Secretary are temporarily absent;
  • Maintains records of club funds, provides final statement of the accounts once a year, and ensures that the annual statement is audited;
  • Monitors the club’s expenses to budget and presents a monthly financial report to the Board;
  • Pays club bills, promptly reimburses members and vendors for club expenses upon receipt of proper documentation;
  • Deposits club receipts, dues, fees, etc., with adequate record-keeping, and;
  • Files the organization’s annual tax return.

River & Bay Activities Director
  • Develops an annual Bay program in conjunction with Bay skippers;
  • Organizes and promotes each Bay activity to the Bay skippers and general members;
  • Attempts to develop greater interest among members in Bay sailing and interaction between Bay skippers and other members;
  • Per the annual schedule established by the Board, organizes cruises, day raft-ups, and other events on the Potomac River, including recruiting skippers for the club boats, members with their own boats, and members to crew, and;
  • Coordinates with Social Director if Bay or river activities present opportunities for land-based social events for members.

Maintenance Director
  • Organizes three club boat maintenance days per year;
  • Ensures boats are safe and ready for member and club use throughout the sailing season by either performing the maintenance or arranging for it to be performed by other members;
  • Develops and implements an annual schedule of maintenance projects on the boats;
  • Responds to members communication about needed maintenance and coordinates and communicates with each boat's bosun to ensure maintenance tasks are completed in a timely fashion;
  • Regularly surveys the boats to ensure that no maintenance is needed;
  • Keeps Training, Skipper and Social updated on boats going out of service and coming back into service, and;
  • Continuity and assistance for this position is furnished by the Boat Asset Committee.

Skipper Director
  • Provides information to prospective skippers on how to become a SCOW skipper (Flying Scot, Cruiser, or both);
  • Administers skipper exams for Flying Scot and Cruiser skippers, including grading the tests or delegating the grading of tests to SCOW trainers (also racing skipper exams);
  • Coordinates the scheduling of skipper water checkouts;
  • Maintains a list of members in the skipper certification process, and ensures that they proceed through the process in a timely manner;
  • Updates the SCOW Boat Reservation System to add, modify, and remove permissions for skippers to reserve boats;
  • Maintains the SCOW skipper files that should include the following for each skipper:
    • Written test results
    • Completed water checkout sheet
    • Boating Safety Certificate from approved agency
    • Yearly Skipper Agreement or current year Skipper Agreement, signed;
  • Approves overnight usage of SCOW cruisers and collects special use fees for overnight use;
  • Arbitrates or decides on skipper-related issues;
  • Changes the lock combinations for the lockers and cruisers annually, and;
  • Serves on the Training and Skipper Certification Committee which develops and recommends to the board modifications to skipper related policies.

Social Director
  • Organizes all club social events per the schedule established by the Board at the beginning of the year. Main events include: February Event, March Re-up brunch, November Hail & Farewell;
  • Personally coordinates or appoints a person to coordinate Social Sails and ensures that Social Sails are conducted throughout the summer with Dockmasters;
  • Coordinates with River & Bay Director to organize and promote land-based social events in conjunction with Bay or river activities, e.g., day outings to the Bay coinciding with Bay raft-ups, and;
  • Organizes or assists in other events, e.g., for skipper check-out days or maintenance days.

Training Director
  • Per the schedule established by the Board, ensures that a Training Program is presented in accordance with the club’s training materials;
  • Handles registration and waiting lists for all training programs. Forwards training fees to the Treasurer while keeping adequate records of payments made by students;
  • Conducts Train the Trainers day;
  • Schedules trainers and students for Basic Sailing, Cruising Boat, and Capsize courses;
  • Organizes other training programs per member interest or Board schedule, and;
  • Continuity and assistance for this position is furnished by the Skipper Certification and Training Committee.

Racing Director
  • Implements the Club’s Racing Program policies as set forth in the Race Program adopted by the 2000 Board of Directors;
  • Coordinates the lottery for boat use in SCOW and DISC races and oversees the use of club boats in SCOW, DISC and other races;
  • Maintains a list of “alternate” crew who want to race in the DISC series;
  • Organizes the Wednesday night Flying Scot races and schedules members to run those races
  • Establishes annual racing schedule in conjunction with board and participation in events run by other clubs;
  • Organizes Race committee and appoints Race officers;
  • Organizes seminars, and;
  • Coordinates with FSSA (Flying Scot Sailing Association).

Membership Director

  • Represents the club to potential new members and to other parties;
  • Acts as primary point of contact and responds to all email inquiries from members and potential new members regarding club membership;
  • Receives and maintains all new and renewing membership applications and ensures the accurate and timely processing and recording of member data into the online member database;
  • Publishes a club directory which includes contact information of members, club leadership and fleet bosons, to be distributed to the membership and used for club-related purposes, and;
  • Reserves meeting space for Board meetings and other activities as needed.

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