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Sent: Friday, September 25, 2020 7:53 AM
Subject: COVID-19 and SCOW - Update

Commodore Memorandum


SCOW COVID-19 Task Force Update

Your SCOW COVID 19 Task Force met yesterday and made an additional change to help our members get back on the water. The current thinking in the medical world reduces the risk of contact transmission from touching objects, so we are lifting our multiple use restriction for boats.

Please make certain that you follow SCOW's boat cleaning protocol after each use. If you still feel uncomfortable with the condition of a previously used boat, clean it BEFORE you sail or cancel your reservation. It is your best judgement that will dramatically reduce your risk of contracting COVID.

SCOW’s Phase 1 Guidelines: (New modifications to Phase 1 are highlighted in yellow):

    • All skippers and their guests must follow local jurisdictions’ health guidelines; 
    • Multiple reservations per day are now allowed; 
    • Limit of 3 people on a boat at one time. (Skipper and 2 crew), Single Households may have a total of 6, including skippers; 
    • No raft-ups; 
    • Docking at area marinas is now allowed, with appropriate precautions being taken by skippers and crew; 
    • All boats must continue to be cleaned after each use; 
    • All Skippers and Crew will sign the COVID-19 risk waiver of liability before leaving the dock; 
    • Social events and regattas are still on hold until further notice; 
    • Basic and Cruiser water classes will be at the students' and trainers' discretion. 

We hope these changes will help you to get back on the water. September may be the best sailing month of the year - enjoy.
Stay well,

Richard Kaiser,


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