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Match Racing Challenge Ladder

The challenge ladder serves as the method of ranking and pairing up skippers for match races. and providing informal intra-club match racing competition. 

 Rank  Name
 1  Chris McGraw
 2  David Beckett
 3  Julian Mallett
 4  Stuart Beckett
 5  Josh Sharpe
 6  Dick Vida
 7  Jeremy Goucher
 8  Jim Klein

Challenge races are Match Races. You should familiarize yourself with the match racing format and rules  before participating.

Sailing Club of Washington Match Racing Format

The SCOW match racing challenge ladder initial rankings were established in May 2014.  You may challenge any skipper ranked in one of the five names above your own. If you win the race, your name goes in your opponent’s place and they move down the ladder one position. Following a race notify the Racing Director of the result and the Racing Director will update the Ladder on the website.

  • All challenge matches will be match races conducted according to the ISAF RRS 2017 – 2020.
  • Challenge matches may be conducted on any course mutually agreed by the two competitors,  The standard course for match racing is a W-L 2 with a down wind finish.
  • The format can be any format agreed upon by the two parties such as “best of three”, “best of five” and can include time limits or wind strength limits.
  • Members are responsible for arranging Race committee, but may race without a Race committee if both agree.
  • If a challenge race is suspended (e.g., due to wind, rain, darkness, etc), it must be held within 7 days of the suspension.
  • When SCOW holds other regattas and races, the results will not count towards the Challenge ladder.
  • You must respond to a challenge from someone behind you on the ladder within 24 hours and conduct the race within 14 days of the time it was made. If challenged, the person challenged must give the challenger at least 3 different reasonable days and times to race. Otherwise, the challenged member must offer a forfeit. Similarly, the challenger must respond back to the challenged player within 24 hours to say which date and time are best to schedule the race. Otherwise, the challenged member may move on and make or accept another challenge. You can turn down a challenge only if you have already accepted a challenge from behind.
  • If the member challenged does not show up, then the challenger moves up the ladder . This is treated as a forfeit. If the challenger does not turn up then no action is taken.
  • Members cannot challenge the same member again until both have sailed another  match race challenge or one week has elapsed.
  • You may make only one challenge at a time. You must complete that race before making another challenge.
  • Good sportsmanship and a solid knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing are prerequisites for participating in this match racing format.
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