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The following is the current policy with regard the small craft advisory:

Weather. Check marine weather current conditions and forecast. Consider tides and currents to ensure safe return by end of scheduled time.

  • SCOW boats shall not be taken from slip during severe or unsafe weather conditions, including high winds and lightning. Even in lower wind or fair weather, no skipper should take a boat out in conditions in which he or she feels that the safety of the crew and boat could be at risk; this is a judgment based on the skipper’s confidence, skill level, experience, crew experience, weather conditions, and weather forecast. In addition:

i. Cruising boats shall not be taken away from slips if National Weather Service forecast winds exceed 25 knots;

ii. Daysailers shall not be taken away from slips when National Weather Service forecast winds exceed 20 knots. If National Weather Service forecast winds exceed 15 knots daysailers must be reefed, must remain in the lagoon, and all aboard must wear PFDs. In addition, for Social Sail, if National Weather Service forecast wind speeds exceed 15 knots, the number of people in the boat is limited to 5 and shall include a second SCOW skipper or experienced crew member.

  • If, while a boat is out, winds rise to these levels, or a lightning storm threatens or if indications are that these conditions will occur, the skipper will return to the Washington Sailing Marina or to a closer safe haven as quickly as possible.
  • For this section, winds refer to sustained or gust wind speeds, whether measured at the airport, along the river, or from the boat. These measurements may be in knots or MPH. For reference, 15 knots is 17 MPH, 20 knots is 23 MPH, and 25 knots is 29 MPH. .


Pending a new "service point" the Marine Forecast below is from the following source:

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