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Per SCOW's Skipper Requirements and Boat Use Policy for any incident involving accident or injury, immediately notify the Commodore, Skipper Director and Maintenance Director verbally and followed by a written report on the incident.

Here is a link to the SCOW PDF file to report the incident.

Also, Federal law requires the operator – or owner, if the operator is deceased or unable to make the report – to file a boating accident report with the State reporting authority (District of Columbia for the Potomac river) with a copy to Commodore, Skipper Director and
Maintenance Director when, as a result of an occurrence that involves a boat or its equipment:

  • A person dies
  • A person disappears from the vessel under circumstances that indicate death or injury
  • A person is injured and requires medical treatment beyond first aid
  • Damage to vessels and other property totals $2,000 (lower amounts in some states and territories) or more
  • The boat is destroyed.

You can help the Coast Guard and its boating safety partners to save lives by understanding and complying with this requirement.

Most states and territories accept this form. If you have an accident, file the form within 48 hours for a fatal accident or within 10 days for a non-fatal reportable accident with your state or territorial Boating Law Administrator.


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