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The Sailing Club of Washington is dedicated to maintaining a well equipped safe fleet of 6 Flying Scots and 3 Cruisers (Catalina-25 and two Catalina 250) vessels.  

The Club is a hands-on organization in every aspect from decision making to implementation relying on members to collectively make maintenance decisions and on volunteer maintenance teams to implement those decisions on behalf of the entire membership.  

The core of SCOW maintenance is provided by volunteer maintenance team which support our fleet.  Each boat is headed by a Bosun and supported by skippers and club members to keep each vessel in a safe and functional operating condition.  The goal of the maintenance program is to minimize out-of-service time for any fleet vessel by routinely inspecting, equipping and maintaining each vessel for service throughout the year.  

Maintenance Teams routinely repair or replace rigging, sails, sheets, life safety equipment, hull, rudder, centerboard, and trailers.  Club members learn first hand about the fleet from each other by performing maintenance tasks themselves.  One of the requirements of Club Skippers is that they volunteer their services on one of the maintenance teams and they work with other member volunteers in sharing their knowledge and experience in maintaining the SCOW fleet.  As a result Club members not only experience the adventure of sailing, but also become knowledgeable about equipment, rigging and other aspects of the Club’s fleet of sailboats.

Club members are encouraged to volunteer for one of the Maintenance Teams by contacting one of the Bosuns or by contacting the Maintenance Director.  

The Maintenance Teams are open to your suggestions and encourage your reporting of maintenance issues that need addressing.  To report maintenance issues or to make suggestions for a specific boat, email the team directly.  General issues and policy issues should be directed to the Maintenance Director listed below.

SCOW Maintenance Directors: 
Maintenance Day

The Club holds two Maintenance Days each year and encourages all members to participate whether you are mechanically inclined or not.  There are tasks for everyone during Maintenance Day.  Your contribution on Maintenance Day is very much appreciated by all members.  It is also an educational event as well.  Please check the SCOW Calendar for scheduled Maintenance Days.



Ms. Ellie Team
Lynn Durbin,  Bosun
Email Ms Ellie Bosun at 
Selkie Team
Richard Lawrence and Dana Howe, Bosun
Email Selkie Bosun at  
Sunset Song Team
Dana Howe and Dick Kerr Bosun
 Email Sunset Song Bosun at 
Susie Q Team Team
Rhonda Glasmann  and Dick Vida, Bosun
Email Susie Q Bosun at  
Elisse Team
Scott McConnell and Chip Lubsen, Bosun
Email Elisse Bosun at  
Caroline Team
Brian McPherson and Mike Hooban, Bosun
 Email Caroline Bosun at 



Rebecca Team
Becky Cole, Bosun
Email Rebecca Bosun at  
Hiatus Team
Vincent Penoso, Bosun
 Email Hiatus Bosun at 
Lion's Paw
Wayne K. Williams, Bosun
 Email Lion's Paw Bosun at


The Club has a number of members who are experienced specialists in maintaining Flying Scots and cruisers. These Senior Bosuns advise the club on critical maintenance issues and may assist SCOW in implementing upgrades, significant repairs and maintenance tasks that require specialized knowledge or skill. The club appreciates the time and expertise of those currently serving as Senior Bosuns. Senior Bosuns are contacted by emailing to

Jim Metcalf Joe Depoorter Bill Gillespie Jay Weitzel

Luis Rivas
Dave Becket



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